1 Stop Soccer Futsal Sport Low Bounce Futsal Match Ball High Visibility

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Futsal requires special low bounce bladder to keeps the ball closer to the ground during indoor play. Exhibit your prowess on the field to both friends and foes alike with this Spedster ball. Its hand-stitched panels will ensure optimal roundness and durability to keep your kicks precise. No one will be able to take their eyes off the action thanks to this ball's striking design. Material: 100% Polyurethane Perfectly constructed transition between panels makes it optimal round and easy to control Hand-sewn panels Specially developed butyl bladder ensures a reliable and extremely low bounce Great match or high level training ball made of high quality PU material Junior size ball measures approximately 57-59 cm in circumference New, colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions Senior size ball measures approximately 62-64 cm in circumference Double-lock valve ensures that the ball is airtight Imported

* Great match and training ball for futsal
* TPU cover with foam backing offers soft feel and excellent control
* 32 panel hand-sewn construction for added durability and excellent shape retention
* Specially designed low bounce butyl bladder
* Circumference: 62-64 cm. Official Senior size. Ims approved